Date: 1/8/20 11:38 am
From: Chuq Von Rospach via Groups.Io <chuqui=<>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Ulistac 1/8

Did my morning walk at Ulistac this morning. Some nice birds cooperated to make it even more fun.

The really unexpected bird this morning was a female/immature Townsend’s Warbler, found in the one still-flowering eucalyptus tree along the main path in the south part of the park. I got multiple good views of it over about 30 seconds as it flitted about.  The rest of the tree was filled with (somewhat surprisingly) white-crowned sparrows going after the nectar, and surrounded on the ground by California Towhees and Scrub Jays.

I walked the park south to north, then back along the street. Near station 2 I found a fairly bright orange crowned warbler. Near the levee in a tree I found three cedar waxwings; I later saw a larger flock of them in flight twice. Two or three Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, a number of Yellow-rumped warblers (one partially into breeding colors) and  an American Robin (perhaps 2) also showed up, the robin’s being a bit of surprise to me here this time of year. Other than that, usual suspects: 3 anna’s hummingbirds, bushtits, mockingbirds, white and golden crowned sparrows and many California towhees. I heard a woodpecker twice, probably Nutall’s but I didn’t feel I could list it.


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