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Subject: [cobirds] Colorado Rare Bird Alert for Wednesday, January 8, 2020
Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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Birders have been helpful by reporting updates to COBIRDS. Thanks!

CAPITAL LETTERS denote very rare species, as listed by the Colorado Bird
Records Committee at the CFO website.

(*) indicates new information on a species.

For more information on birds seen today, go to and scroll to
the bottom for “Recent eBird Sightings.”


Rare, out-of-place and out-of-season species include:

BRANT (Jefferson)

Trumpeter Swan (Mesa)
Tundra Swan (Weld)

White-winged Scoter (Douglas, *Jefferson)

Long-tailed Duck (Arapahoe, Pueblo)

Barrow’s Goldeneye (Adams)

Red-necked Grebe (Douglas/Jefferson, Pueblo)

Dunlin (Mesa, Pueblo)

Iceland Gull (“Kumlien’s”) (Pueblo)

Glaucous Gull (Larimer)

Great Black-backed Gull (*Pueblo)

Pacific Loon (*Arapahoe, *Douglas, *Jefferson)


Northern Goshawk (Larimer)

Williamson’s Sapsucker (*Saguache)

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Boulder, *Larimer)


PACIFIC WREN (Fremont, *Jefferson)

Winter Wren (El Paso, Pueblo)

Black Rosy-Finch (Pitkin)

Golden-crowned Sparrow (Mesa)

Rusty Blackbird (Douglas)

Common Yellowthroat (*Pueblo)

Western Tanager (*Pueblo)

*NOTE:** The number of well-meaning birders visiting the Boulder
address where two Varied Thrushes were reported Jan 6 overwhelmed the
resident family and their dog. They have asked that birders no longer
visit. Please respect their wishes. Thank you.*


—On Jan 4, Barrow’s Goldeneyes (2) were reported on the South Platte River
south of 88th and Colorado by Bill Fink.


—On Jan 7, a YELLOW-BILLED LOON was reported at Aurora Reservoir by Luke
Buckardt and Jen Ottinger. First reported Dec 29 by Steve Mlodinow. This
may be the same bird reported first at Cherry Creek SP on Nov 8, then at
Aurora Reservoir in early Dec.

—On Jan 7, a Pacific Loon was reported at Aurora Reservoir by Jen
Ottinger. First reported Dec 26 by Cynthia Kristensen.

—On Jan 6, Long-tailed Ducks (2) were reported at South Platte Reservoir by
Brian Johnson.


—On Jan 5, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was reported in pines along Old Tale
Road south of Arapahoe, about halfway to McSorley Lane. First reported Dec
15 by Nathan Pieplow.


—On Jan 6, Rusty Blackbirds (4) were reported at Chatfield SP - Plum Creek
Nature Area by Gregg Goodrich. First reported Jan 5 by Kenneth Wat.

—On Jan 5, a Red-necked Grebe was seen off Chatfield Reservoir’s Marina
Sandspit. This bird has been present since at least Nov 8.


—On Jan 7, a White-winged Scoter was reported at the North Boat Ramp at
Chatfield. On Jan 5, it was reported at Chatfield’s Marina Sandspit and
Handicapped Fisherman’s Platform. First reported Nov 29 by Joey Kellner.

—On Jan 7 a Pacific Loon was reported at the Marina Sandspit and on the
JeffCo side of Chatfield. It was previously seen at Handicapped Fisherman’s
Platform. First reported Dec 8 by Joey Kellner.


—On Jan 5, a Winter Wren was reported at Fountain Creek RP - Nature
Center/Cattail Marsh by Tim Leppek.


—On Jan 7, a PACIFIC WREN was reported at Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood.
Previously seen along Bear Creek WSW of Whitetail Picnic area, about 150
yards downstream from junction creek and trail from parking lot. First
reported Dec 22 by Chris Wood. First county record for this species. NOTE:
Fee-only entry via daily or annual Lakewood city pass (not a state park).

—On Jan 6, a BRANT was reported at Lake Arbor. First reported Dec 20 by Amy

—On Jan 5, a Pacific Loon was reported at Standley Lake Park - north shore
by Donna Stumpp.


—On Jan 7, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers (2 males) were reported in Grandview
Cemetery in Fort Collins by John Shenot. Adult male, seen in pine near
maintenance shed in SE corner of cemetery, was first reported in mid-Nov.
Younger male, seen in pines between nearby golf course and south end of
park, was first reported Dec. 23 by Dave Leatherman.

—On Jan. 6, a Glaucous Gull was reported at Warren Lake by Josh Breuning.

—On Jan 1, a GYRFALCON was seen near Larimer County Landfill in Fort
Collins. First reported Nov 3 by Robert Beauchamp, in same location where a
Gyrfalcon spent much of winter 2019. *Please post updates to COB**irds**.*


—On Jan 6, Trumpeter Swans (4 adult, 2 juvenile) were reported near Adobe
Creek National Golf Course in Fruita by Brenda Wineman.

—On Jan 6, a Dunlin was reported at Horsethief Canyon SWA on the Colorado
River. First reported Dec 28 by Douglas Diekman.

—On Jan 6, a Golden-crowned Sparrow was reported at Grand Junction Wildlife
Area. First reported Dec 28 by Mike Henwood.


—On Jan 1, a Black Rosy-Finch was reported at Snowmass Nature Center by
Rebecca Weiss.


—On Jan 7, a Common Yellowthroat was reported at Valco Ponds SWA by several

—On Jan 7, a Western Tanager was reported at Valco Ponds SWA by Jim
Merritt. Likely the same bird observed Jan 4 at nearby Pueblo West Gravel
Pit and at Pueblo Nature Center. First reported Jan. 2 by Brandon Percival
and Chris Knight.

—On Jan 7, the Great Black-backed Gull known as “Murray” was reported at
Pueblo Reservoir - South Shore Marina “tires.” Murray has spent 20-plus
years as a winter resident of Lake Pueblo SP.

—On Jan 6, a Winter Wren was reported at Valco Ponds SWA by several
birders. First reported Jan. 4.

—On Jan 5, a Long-tailed duck was reported on Pueblo Reservoir by Alan

—On Jan 4, a Red-necked Grebe was seen at Pueblo Reservoir - South Shore
Marina. First reported Dec 14 by Elaine Wagner.

—On Jan 4, a Dunlin was reported on the Pueblo Reservoir - South Shore
Marina “tires.” First reported Dec 31 by Paul Hurtado.

—On Jan 1, a juvenile “Kumlien’s” Iceland Gull was reported at Pueblo
Reservoir - South Shore Marina. First reported Dec 26 by Brandon
Percival. Although no longer a separate species under American
Ornithological Society (now lumped with Thayer’s Gull), this bird is rare
in CO.


—On Jan 7, a Williamson’s Sapsucker was reported in South Crestone Creek
Park by Chris Chappell and Lynne Miller.


—On Jan 6, a Tundra Swan was reported in the 1200 block of East Eighth
Street in Greeley by Brad Benter.


Upcoming Denver Field Ornithologists field trip (details at

*Southwestern Metro Area*
Tuesday, Jan 7
7:30 AM - NOON
David Suddjian (email: <dsuddjian...>; 831-713-8659)

*South Platte River Trail at E 88th Ave and I-76 *Saturday, Jan 11
8 AM - 2 PM
Mark Amershek (email: <mamershek...>; 303-329-8646)

*First Creek @ DEN Open Space*

Sunday, January, 12

7:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Patrick O’Driscoll (email: <patodrisk...>; 303-885-6955)


Good birding,

Patrick O’Driscoll, Denver



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