Date: 1/7/20 12:05 am
From: JackDaynes <jackdaynes...>
Subject: [IBLE] Memories of Birding Island (Idaho)
Another posting today in my "Bird Destinations" series.
The meandering of the Payette River has created a broad wetland in the
river plain. Not only do cranes, geese, herons, egrets, and waterfowl
thrive here, migrating shorebirds visit during their north and southbound
journeys in spring and fall. Spring and summer will find flycatchers,
warblers and other edge-habitat loving birds here. I have dear friends in
Payette who I like to spend time with as often as I can. When there,
Birding Island is one place I look forward to visiting.

Be well,
-- Jack --
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