Date: 1/6/20 7:46 am
From: Bridget Butler <birddiva...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Birds & Beers Sponsors
Greetings All!

I'm looking for sponsors for Birds & Beers VT in 2020! What does that
entail? *Sponsors for a B&BVT gathering merely cover my mileage to bring
the event to a local brewery (or distillery!) in your community. *

Last year I had a variety of sponsorships, including the *Birds of Vermont
Museum* who used it as a way to connect with folks in their community about
their events, the *Mad Birders* who held a bird walk right near Lawson's
Liquids before the gathering, and *two birders in Middlebury* who wanted to
gather folks at Flatbread and talk about favorite bird books & adventures.

So think about it! Got a favorite brewery near you that you think would be
great for a gathering? Are you an organization looking for a way to
celebrate birding and potentially meet new supporters? I would love to
bring Birds & Beers VT to your community!

*What does a gathering look like?* Gatherings are held on the fourth
Thursday of each month from 6-9 pm depending on the hours of the brewery. I
help advertise and network to get folks to site, and then I serve as
hostess introducing folks to each other, stimulating conversation, and
sharing upcoming opportunities to learn more about birds. There's a
giveaway each month schwag from Vortex Optics or Bird Diva or even from the
sponsor. It's very informal and relaxed, though sometimes we get a bit
raucous with our bird impressions. It's meant as a way for new bird
enthusiasts to connect with the birding community and to strengthen the
existing community at the same time. Oh, and to enjoy the incredible
variety of craft beers in Vermont!

*So, if you'd like to sponsor a gathering this year, pick the fourth
Thursday of any month, and get in touch with me! *You can use the REQUEST
page on my website found here:

Thanks to everyone who joined me last year at a Birds & Beers VT gathering!
I can't wait to share a beer with you all again in 2020.


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