Date: 1/5/20 3:04 pm
From: Tom Edell via Groups.Io <TEdell=<>
Subject: [slocobirding] Long-tailed Duck, Morro Bay
Just an FYI, that the Long-tailed Duck currently in the Morro Bay Harbor
Mouth area is a male. The last photo taken on December 19th (distant)
showed a bird with an all dark bill, a clear dark cheek patch, and no white
in the scapulars. The bird photographed there yesterday and today has a pink
bill with a dark tip and base, a faint cheek patch, and at least one long
gray scapular. This seems like a quick change for two weeks, but perhaps it
was an immature male all along that is now molting into its first alternate
plumage. It would be good to note the bill, cheek and scapular
colors/markings on future sightings. There has been more than one at the
harbor mouth before.

Tom Edell

Cayucos, CA

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