Date: 1/5/20 11:11 am
From: Derek Courtney <derek.dana.courtney...>
Subject: WV Bird Records Committee Happenings
Hi all,

The calendar has now flipped once again and we are in a brand new decade!
With this turning of the page, the WV Bird Records Committee begins to
think about its annual proceedings. Our yearly meeting will occur at the
end of February this year in Preston County, As always, we have a number of
items to consider. A few of those require assistance from the WV birding

1.) If you are hanging on to any rare bird information, now is this the
time to get that information out to us. If you are wondering what kind of
information we may be looking for, the place to begin is to look at our
website (graciously hosted by the Brooks Bird Club): If
you have seen any bird noted on our state list ( as
a Review Species, Hypothetical Species, or Review Subspecies, please fill
out a form and send it in for our review. If you have seen a species that
isn't listed at all on our state list, please do the same. May people ask
about our Watch List. This is a list of uncommon birds that we may not see
in the state in several years. If you have seen a Watch List species, you
don't need to send us any information. If you have documented one of those
Watch List birds with a photo, recording, or specimen and posted it on
line, we have likely already seen those records and will note them at our
meeting. If you haven't made any of those public, feel free to contact me
to let me know.

2.) The Committee is now seeking nominations for service on the Committee.
This year we have one scheduled slot opening up with the completion of Joe
Hildreth's term on the committee. Each term is for a period of 5 years.
Much of what we do and what is expected of Committee Members is detailed in
our Bylaws which can be seen on our website. If you have any questions, or
concerns, or ideas to improve what the WV BRC does, please feel free to
contact me (or any of the current members). We would be happy to answer
questions and hear from you.

You can submit nominations to any of the Committee Members, or to our
Secretary, Wil Hershberger. If you have any rare bird submissions please
send those to our Secretary as well. Wil Hershberger can be contacted at

Best wishes to you all for a wonderful and bird-filled 2020, and thank you
all for a great 2019.

Good birding,
Derek Courtney, MD
WV Bird Records Committee Chairperson
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