Date: 1/5/20 7:56 am
From: Mundi Smithers <amen1farm...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Gold finches
Some of you have written to say that you are experiencing a dearth of Goldfinches. I have just counted about 75 at my feeders and on the ground beneath them. I feed shelled sunflower seed and they are eating me out of house and home.

The usual visitors are here as well enjoying the sunflower seeds, suet and shelled peanuts. By the way the shelled peanuts are considered most desirable bu the woodpeckers, chickadees and Tufted titmice.

I wish that I could report a Redbreasted Nuthatch, alas he/she has not returned this year. I remain ever hopeful.

Happy New Year to all

North Pownal

Mundi Smithers

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