Date: 1/4/20 6:42 pm
From: Liam Waters <liamwaters42...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] American White Pelican -- Truro
Sorry for the belated post, but Maili spotted an American White Pelican
flying overhead while we were doing the Truro CBC on Thursday. We saw the
bird flying north over High head, then circling over Pilgrim lake, and
finally heading south again between 10:05 and 10:25am on 1/2. Who knows
where it is now, but worth keeping an eye out for. Apparently there was
also a Brown Pelican in Wellfleet Harbor sometime a week or two ago.
Other highlights from the count were that Red-breasted Nuthatches do exist,
Rusty Blackbirds and a Prairie Warbler in Wellfleet, A Vesper Sparrow and
an Eastern Phoebe in Truro, and Chats in both Truro and Wellfleet.
Pelican photo and list here

Stellwagen CBC list here with a Sooty
Shearwater and new high counts for Common Murre and Dovekie, though we
missed Puffin for the first time in recent years (I think).

Happy birding,
Liam Waters
Sharon (occasionally)

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