Date: 1/3/20 4:25 pm
From: Eve Meier <eve.m.meier...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Sanborn County Park and continuing Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Hi Everyone,

This morning I rode my bike down the John Nicholas trail to Lake Ranch
Reservoir. I made a couple of 5 minute birding stops on the way down and
was able to find 3 VARIED THRUSH high in a Madrone, I heard many
at the lake, I took my time birding hoping to see the Red Crossbills
(nope). I did find one WILSON'S SNIPE at the water's edge. Also there's
was a very noisy HOUSE WREN near the picnic tables, and several PURPLE
FINCHES and FOX SPARROWS. I also heard one PYGMY NUTHATCH. On my return
ride up the hill I refound the small flock of VARIED THRUSHES counting 5
this time. And, there were more VARIED THRUSHES that I couldn't see but
could hear in the Madrone across the road from the parking area. I stopped
at 3 other locations along Skyline Blvd but no Crossbills for me today. My
consolation prize was visiting the SCVWD to see the YELLOW-BELLIED
SAPSUCKER spotted by Janna Pauser.

Happy Birding
Eve Meier (San Jose)

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