Date: 1/3/20 1:07 pm
From: AJ Pellegrini-Toole <aptoole...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Yard Birds on the Cape
Today in addition to the regulars in the yard, cardinal, flicker, downy
wp, titmouse, junco,
Carolina wren, goldfinch, house finch (you get the drift), 7 wild
turkeys showed up, while
my neighbor's holly tree was covered in robins.  The sound of them
moving against the holly
leaves made me look on the ground as it sounded like leaf litter. I
finally realized the noise
was from the tree and there were robins everywhere.  And then they left.

Alida Pellegrini-Toole
North Falmouth, MA

aptoole   AT  yahoo   DOT   com

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