Date: 1/3/20 10:32 am
From: Jack Swatt via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Bristol CBC Preliminary Results
    Still waiting for a few more reports to trickle in but so far the warm and sunny day last Saturday, December 28th led to quite a few new high counts for the 30th Bristol CBC.  So far 69 species were found on count day.  Highlights were an immature SNOW GOOSE found at Memorial Boulevard right in downtown Bristol (M. & S. Pohlod, S. Heth, L. Fortin), a GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE found at Farmington Meadows (M. Aronson, K. Elkins), and an ICELAND GULL found at Lakewood Park in Waterbury (G. Hanisek, B. Finnan).  One new species was added to the count list as 2 EASTERN PHOEBES were located in Wolcott and Southington (J. Swatt, E. Larson, M. Krampitz) bringing our all-time species count to 96.       Twenty species were found in new high numbers -- Mute Swan (3, prev. 1), Hooded Merganser (46, prev. 45), Common Merganser (97, prev. 59), Ring-necked Pheasant (18, prev. 15), Herring Gull (28, prev. 26), Sharp-shinned Hawk (4, prev. 3), Bald Eagle (9, prev. 7), Piliated Woodpecker (12, prev. 11), Fish Crow (68, prev. 42), Common Raven (19, prev. 10), Brown Creeper (8, prev. 4), Carolina Wren (28, prev. 22), Eastern Bluebird (108, prev. 52), Hermit Thrush (4, prev. 2), Gray Catbird (2, prev. 1), House Finch (231, prev. 204), Field Sparrow (8, prev. 3), White-throated Sparrow (204, prev. 187), Song Sparrow (77, prev. 75) and Red-winged Blackbird (12, prev. 7).  Eight species tied high counts -- Greater White-fronted Goose (1), American Wigeon (2), Ring-necked Duck (2), Great Cormorant (1), Belted Kingfisher (6), Winter Wren (7), Ruby-crowned Kinglet (2), and Eastern Towhee (1).  I expect some of the numbers to go higher as more reports come in.    The Bristol CBC was one of the original 25 CBCs started in 1900.  This marks our fourth consecutive year since the count was restarted in 2016.  I would like to thank all those who participated this year to keep this historic CBC going.
Jack Swatt

Lempster, NH
Wolcott, CT
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