Date: 1/3/20 7:39 am
From: Rankin, Gary <rankin...>
Subject: New birds for 2020
It was interesting to learn about all the FOY birds that birders in WV saw/heard on New Year's Day. Mine was an Eastern Towhee found in the German Ridge area near Huntington. Perhaps the more interesting find of the day happened after David Patick, Mike Griffith, Janet Keating, Josh Holland and I spent the morning and part of the afternoon birding along Rte 2 from Green Bottom WMA to Pt Pleasant and then along Rte 817. During the day, we found 55 species of birds including winter wren and Fox Sparrow at GBWMA; two adult Bald Eagles, Herring and Ring-billed Gulls, N. Harrier and Canvasbacks and Ruddy Ducks at Robert C. Byrd Locks & Dam and Peregrine Falcon at Pt. Pleasant. It was a very nice ay to be birding. As my wife was getting dinner ready around 6:30 pm, I noticed a feather on the kitchen table. I have no idea where it came from, nor did she. So, I walked out to the back yard deck to let the feather float out into the yard and was greeted by a Barred Owl calling! My last bird of New Year's Day! If it hadn't been for the appearance of the feather, I wouldn't have heard the owl. But I'm still not sure how the feather appeared when it did.

Gary O. Rankin
Lavalette, WV
Wayne Co.
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