Date: 1/2/20 1:26 pm
From: David Weaver <cygnus-dkw...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Plum Island (Parker River NWR) - 01-02-2020
David Larson and I led the Joppa Flats Wednesday Morning Birding program

- on Thursday with yesterday's Wednesday holiday.  Skies were cloudy to
partly cloudy; temps in the mid to upper 30s; and winds W-SW/10-15 mph.
All in all, not too bad a day for birding.

Our list:

[Snow Goose (1) - immature w/ Canada Geese behind Joppa Flats Education
Canada Goose - common.
Mallard (~ 20) - no doubt there were more.
American Black Duck - common; at one time, 700+ in air with imm. Bald
Eagle below.
Common Eider (~ 30) - seven ocean.
Surf Scoter (3) - seven ocean.
White-winged Scoter (~ 20) - seven ocean.
Black Scoter (1) - seven ocean.
Long-tailed Duck (~ 10) - seven ocean.
Bufflehead (~ 11) - seven ocean.
Common Goldeneye (6) - seven ocean.
[Red-breasted Merganser (6) - Merrimack River behind Joppa Flats.]
Horned Grebe (8) - seven ocean.
Herring Gull
Great Black-backed Gull (~ 6)
Common Loon (7) - seven ocean.
Northern Harrier (1) - North Field.
Sharp-shinned Hawk (1) - over dunes seven.
Bald Eagle (1) - flying over PI River, w. North Pool dike.
[Red-tailed Hawk (1) - soaring above Joppa Flats.]
Rough-legged Hawk (1) - hovering above s. end North Field.
Snowy Owl (1) - hunkered down in middle of Emerson Rocks.
Northern Shrike (1) - ad., quite active in and among shrubs and trees of
s. copse North Field (first seen with vole in mouth).
Blue Jay (2) - s. copse North Field.
American Goldfinch (~ 8) - The Warden's.
American Tree Sparrow (1) - The Warden's.

We will meet again next week back at Joppa Flats at 0930 for Wednesday
Morning Birding. For more information about Joppa Flats programs, call
David Moon or Dave Larson at 978-462-9998.

Dave Weaver
Manchester, MA 01944

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