Date: 1/2/20 7:00 am
From: CRAIG GIBSON <cbgibson...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Winter Crow Roost updates!
Greetings all,

Under spectacular weather and clear sky conditions, was out on Crow Patrol last night. The action was dazzling with well over 15,000 Crows staging around the airport and in other nearby locations, flying over the Merrimack River, and then converging into the overnight roost after sunset time....WOW! The full recap for last night has just been posted on the blog with a video and many photos.

For those with an interest, many recent postings have been completed with regular and night vision photos, along with both regular and time lapse videos. The action around staging and roosting continues to draw more and more visitors. The regular videos and time lapse videos are well worth a look!

12.30.19: 1 video and photos
12.29.19: 2 videos and photos
12.27.19: 1 time lapse and photos (TL - pre sunrise dispersal)
12.26.19: 1 video and photos (night vision optics)
12.23.19: 2 videos and photos
12.19.19: 1 time lapse and photos (TL - converging into roost)


Next event: Friday, Jan. 10, 2020 from 5-7pm - opening reception for 2020 "Celebration of the Winter Crow Roost" at the Essex Art Center located at 56 Island Street in Lawrence, MA. Details to follow!

Happy New Year,

Craig Gibson
2020 Crow Patrol
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