Date: 1/1/20 9:06 am
From: Joette Borzik <pep4223...>
Subject: First of Year Bird Robin Fest with Leucistic Robin - Jefferson County Yard
My "first of year bird" was the American Robin. How patriotic for the New Year!

My first observation this morning was looking out the kitchen window on the deck where we have a meal worm platform and two heated bird bath bowls attached to the deck. I saw 6 robins all together in the right heated bird bath, and when I looked to left bowl, there was a lone leucistic robin drinking water. Yesterday was a busy day in my yard for robins also, and I saw the leucistic robin once, but wasn't able to photograph it. So it was a great start to 2020 for it to be one of my first robins sighted.

There are also Cedar Waxwings and American Goldfinches in good numbers, but nothing like the 150+ robin flock. I took some quick photos and added to my checklist in link below:

I will add more photos if I am able to get anything better. This was a wonderful start to a fresh new year.

Happy birding,

Jefferson County, WV
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