Date: 1/1/20 8:23 am
From: Anthony Hewetson <fattonybirds...>
Subject: [texbirds] 2019 eBird Game - December Report - of Interest to TCC/eBird Folk
This is probably only of interest to folk who are interested in the
Texas Century Club and/or obsessed with eBird. In other words: if you
aren't interested in this sort of stuff feel free to hit the delete

Though I have seen over 100 species in all 36 Oregon and all 254 Texas
counties, I am way behind on entering my historical data into eBird
and at the beginning of January of 2019 had but 14 Oregon and 71 Texas
counties over 100 in eBird. With this in mind and with various Texas
eBird reviewers breathing down my neck, one of my ongoing 2019 games
is a concerted effort to get the data in. With 221 months worth of
un-entered data at the beginning of the year (January-April of 1992,
July 1992 through December of 1997, and January of 2000 through
December of 2011) I really had my work cut out for me and, considering
that I still work full-time, decided to set myself a pace of six
months data entered per month - making this a three year project
assuming I can keep up that sort of pace.

I entered seven months in January, as well as January itself, getting
me down to 214 months of un-entered eBird data. I entered eighteen
months in February, as well as February itself, getting me down to 196
months of un-entered eBird data I entered thirteen months in March, as
well as March itself, getting me down to 182 months of un entered
eBird data, I entered ten months in April, as well as April itself,
getting me down to 172 months of un-entered eBird data as I hit May, I
entered ten months of data during May (October of 1993 through
February of 1994 and December of 2001 through April of 2002), as well
as May itself, getting me down to 162 months of un-entered data as I
hit June, I entered six months in June (March through May of 1994 and
May through July of 2002), as well as June itself, getting down to 156
months of un-entered eBird data, I entered twelve months in July
(June through December of 1994 and August through December of 2002) as
well as July itself, getting down to 144 months left of un-entered
eBird data, I entered seven months in August (January 1995 though
April of 1995 and January of 2003 through March of 2003) as well as
August itself getting down to 137 months of un-entered eBird data, I
entered six months in September (May 1995 through July 1995 and April
2003 through June 2003) as well as September itself, getting down to
131 months of un-entered eBird data, and I entered six months of data
in October (August 1995 though October 1995 and July 2003 through
September 2003) as well as October itself, getting down to 125 months
of in-entered eBird data, and I entered fifteen months of data
(November 1995 through June 1996 and October 2003 through April 2004)
as well as November itself, getting down to 110 month of in-entered
eBird data.

I also did pretty well in December (with more days of not being
allowed to drive - after the second eye was done and holiday time) and
I entered twelve months of data (July 1996 through September 1996 and
May 2004 through January 2005) as well as December itself, getting
down to 98 months of un-entered eBird data - well ahead of the
schedule I set for myself at the beginning of the year.

With all 36 of my Oregon counties cleared, the 1996 data only served
as padding for my OCC. On the Texas side of things, though, I added
seven counties (Crane, Ector, Jeff Davis, Loving, Midland, Ward, and
Winkler), putting me at 130 out of 254 Texas counties eBirded to TCC

Due to a better understanding of eBird 'rules' regarding what to enter
and what not to enter under 'traveling' vs. 'historical' the remainder
of the months should actually go somewhat more quickly and there is a
real chance that I will finish off my entire backlog of 98 un-entered
months (October 1996 through December 1997 and February 2005 through
December 2011) during the course of 2020.

Then I can get back to obsessive birding instead of obsessive eBirding:)

Anthony Hewetson; Lubbock
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