Date: 12/31/19 2:49 pm
From: Sandra Keller <000006b65d80f212-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] 2019 in review - my birding
Happy New Year and 2020 and new decade everyone! A bit cold and windy to start but I will be down in Cape May to work
on my monthly birds. It’s passerines I could use for Jan. And I will be working on monthly birding in 2020. I find it very interesting.
What can I see in off months! Or hear. I will do my best to document if I find. But this is me…. a horrible pic taker…. blasted
birds move too quick…..
It won’t just be the bayshore and cape may point. Birds linger at sewage ponds, feeders, etc. But finding these will be difficult.
Gee - I may have to chase! I usually prefer to find my own. I have all waterfowl species for Jan. Cinnamon Teal would be nice for
January…… I never say never!
It’s the passerines I need. I need Nelson’s Sparrow for January. Shouldn’t be hard. Parula would be nice also! That’s why
I am heading to Cape May - I wonder if it is still around?? Etc. Etc. I have Common Yellowthroat for Dec. I haven’t finished this
account - looking what months I have in. Do I need for Jan? I will know tonight when I look at BirdBrain data again.
Botany! I will be doing a lot of botany. As I am in different counties for botany, I will check ebird to see if I need any species.
Etc. I would like to get Mercer County up to 200. No other county goals except county birds. And state birds. I do not have YH Blackbird
for January. Hmmmm…… I might try a different county. Mix it up a bit.

Year birds - Missed…. - YH Blackbird, Lincoln’s Sparrow, Cape May Warbler, Wilson’s Warbler, Clay-colored Sparrow….. etc.
I don’t chase too much. Like I said, I like to find my own! Twice chased the Golden-winged in Palmyra. Two different birds. And missed
both times….
The only reason I hit over 300 for the state (303) - a goal in 2020 also - was the pelagic and the state birds! Seven. Wow! Has to be
more birders out looking and the weather patterns. Love it! I want a Lark Bunting in 2020. I have chased that a few times in the state.
And missed.
Mountain Bluebird, Pacific-slope Fly, Wilson’s Plover, Black-headed Grosbeak, Boreal Chickadee, Gyr - finally! I kept missing in
north Jersey! And the Black Phoebe. Wow! Can 7 state birds be repeated in 2020? I never say never….. Plus I need some common
pelagic species - I think common - I intend to be on 2 or 3 pelagics.

Happy 2020 birding all!

Sandra Keller

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