Date: 12/31/19 5:57 am
From: Adam Duerr <>
Subject: Re: Bird Of Note: Leucistic Cormorant?
Rick - I think the cormorant that you photographed and described is a
double-crested cormorant. I am not sure about the leucistic designation,
although it appears lighter in color than I have seen before with that
lightness extending farther onto its back. The molt characteristics of
double-crested cormorants is not well described (not accurately). While
completing my Dissertation on this species, I individually marked
thousands of cormorants. I routinely saw adult cormorants (captured on
nests and confirmed breeding) molt into what is described in field
guides etc. as first year plumage in the fall. The alternate plumage of
these birds was highly variable, with some showing more white/tan than
Very nice description and photos too.

Adam Duerr
New Castle, PA
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