Date: 12/30/19 10:37 pm
From: m_m_rogers <>
Subject: [southbaybirds] San Felipe Ranch - 12/28/2019

I birded the San Felipe Ranch (private property), Las Animas Road, and San Felipe Road along the northeastern edge of the count circle for the Calero-Morgan Hill CBC on Saturday 12/28/2019. The weather was nice, but bird numbers seemed to be a bit low in general, with Golden-crowned Sparrows, both towhees, blackbirds, starlings, juncos, and quail all being at about 50% of their historical averages for my route. Species that were notably in good numbers included TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS (18, tied for previous high from 2011) and RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS (new high count of 80 individuals). Also with the insectivore flocks were 3 GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS and 10 BROWN CREEPERS. I tallied 17 VARIED THRUSHES, a rather modest showing this year (the spread has ranged from 2 to 551!). Five PINE SISKINS was a modest showing, but only the fourth time in the past 13 years that I have found any. ACORN WOODPECKERS had a banner year, with an all-time high of 110 birds following last year's high of 102.

Raptors included a MERLIN, a NORTHERN HARRIER, 2 SHARP-SHINNED HAWKS, and 4 GOLDEN EAGLES. Notable waterbirds included 9 COMMON MERGANSERS flying north before dawn and 5 WILSON'S SNIPE at two wet areas (previously I've only found single birds in 2008 and 2011). A single LINCOLN'S SPARROW was notable for this route.

Owling along Metcalf and Las Animas roads before dawn was pretty successful, with 6 GREAT HORNED OWLS, 4 WESTERN SCREECH-OWLS, one BARN OWL, and one NORTHERN PYGMY OWL tallied.

Mike Rogers
Sunnyvale, CA

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