Date: 12/30/19 5:00 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Yong Reply - Re: [JERSEYBI] NJ Birds
What a fantastic list and great effort, Harvey !!!

Perhaps, one of these days at a Cape May watering hole, will you do a power
point presentation of your own rare bird photos *in live action and
discussion amongst the NJ birders *in terms of bird ID, such as very-very
potential * if not should be confirmed ID* for stints and little egrets you
have found over the years ? I have seen several of those photos of yours.
Perhaps, many JBird members may be interested as I am.

Five stars to Bob Dodelson for Top 100 NJ eBird, once again !! Already
looking forward to following your list in 2020.

3.5 stars to Jason Denesevich for busting my arse for not taking part on
eBird. I simply hate counting birds and looking for birds just for sake of
ebird listing, but I am working on it thanks to JD.

Finally, here is YK's end of the year bird ID quiz for bragging rights. Name
that bird which is mentioned in the *Yes* song Roundabout. First NJ birder
to respond, I will purchase a 2020 Brig pass for the winner.

Happy New Year !!

Yong Kong
Camden County

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From: Harvey Tomlinson
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Subject: [JERSEYBI] NJ Birds

If I've missed something shoot me an email....

Wanted to get Bragging Rights for New Jersey as we have had a superb Fall
Season...I am not posting photos but all the birds listed are review birds
here in NJ. The NJRBC is going to be very busy vetting...but almost all the
birds were photographed and seen by many...In no particular order: 1
Bohemian Waxwing in Sept. 2 Rufous Hummingbirds at the end of August.
Followed by 2 Black-chinned Hummingbirds and another Rufous later in the
season. A White-winged Dove at a homeowners feeder.Golden-crowned Sparrow,
Harris's Sparrow in the Magic Field.One day NJ we had 7 Ash-throated
Flycatchers recorded on one day. We hosted 2 Western Flycatchers. One
Pacific-Slope ( position note recorded ) and another in Cape May ( DNA
collected and we are awaiting results ). Mountain Bluebird ( sadly feathers
were found confirming it's passing). 4 Brown Booby sightings along with
about 4 Western Kingbirds. A Cassin's Kingbird was photographed for a First
State record. Vermillion Flycatcher, Bell's Vireo, and Townsend's Warbler
from Sandy Hook. Woodstork..which also died and made it's way to the
Academy in Pa for research. Brewers Blackbird. A California Gull...the
second this year! 2 Barnacle Geese...and just recently a Western Tanager.
It's been a Great Fall season even though Hawk numbers were the second
worse ever recorded, and only a few good passerine flights. Good Birding
and Happy New Year

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