Date: 12/30/19 11:40 am
From: Deb Hale <debhale72...>
Subject: Kris Kringle
It feels like old Kris Kringle has been leaving me little secret santa
treats this week, post-Christmas, to brighten up some of these dreary
end-of-year days:

Red-headed Woodpeckers - they're back at Murphy Farm, last seen this
afternoon, and there were 2! Again, an adult and a juvenile but the
younger had a browner head than the one I'd reported Nov. 30. Located in
same location, however - between the farm gate and the lookout to St.
Peter's church.

Wild Turkeys - 14-20 of them foraging in the field at Altona Marsh,
clustered near the gravel lane, looking a lot like a flock of vultures.

Northern harrier - at North Schoolhouse coursing low above the upper field,
alighting again in the grass to preen or eat her lunch.

And then there was the titmouse with a wooly bear in his mouth; and several
red-bellied woodpeckers in a hurry to hunt down tree cavities to store
acorns; and the small flock of savannah sparrows flying into the locust
tree. Sweet!

Happy New Year!
Deb Hale
Harpers Ferry/Bolivar
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