Date: 12/30/19 9:10 am
From: Bob & Bonnie Buxton <bbxt...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Blessed with avian color in Merrimac
Hello friends,
 We were blessed on Thanksgiving morning this year with a flock of at
least 7 Eastern Bluebirds and they have been visiting the feeders just
about every day since then ( eating dried mealworms and crumbled up 'no
melt' suet cakes ) and today another colorful bird joined them.. a
Baltimore Oriole! We've been keeping grape jelly out there most of the
winter in case a wayward jelly-lover stops by.. but the House Sparrows
eat most of it.  The Oriole has been eating the dried mealworms, but
there are now three dishes of jelly out there in case he decides to try
it. He looks a little unsteady so we're not sure how his health is, but
we'll certainly try to keep him fed. The Starlings are overwhelming the
feeders though.. so it's a constant challenge out there.

 Stay safe and warm in this tricky weather,

 Bonnie & Bob Buxton
 Merrimac, MA
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