Date: 12/29/19 3:25 pm
From: Ann Verdi <aeverdi235...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Martial Cottle CP - Calero-Morgan Hill CBC 12/28/19
My coverage of the Calero-Morgan Hill CBC (12/28/19) was at Martial Cottle
CP, an agricultural farm in the Edenvale area which is the only county park
entirely within the boundaries of the Calero-Morgan Hill CBC circle.

While most bird species were down this year in terms of numbers and
variety, some special birds unique to this park surrounded by suburbia were
found. Best sighting was a flock of at least 20 AMERICAN PIPITS seen
foraging among the rows of newly planted herbs in the agricultural fields.
Among other highlights were two SAY'S PHOEBES (low count this time), seven
SAVANNAH SPARROWS, and nine W. MEADOWLARKS (also a low count this time).
The "non-best" sighting was a large flock of EUROPEAN STARLINGS which
suddenly burst out from a tree, then joined by another starling burst
coming in from somewhere else culminating into a swarm of swirling
starlings - I estimated at least 150 birds, but there were probably more.
Also seen were at least 60 AMERICAN CROWS, four vocal COMMON RAVENS, two

Ann Verdi
San Jose

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