Date: 12/29/19 10:52 am
From: Mary Lukaszewski <mlukas...>
Subject: [de-birds] Visit from a Carolina Wren
On Dec. 27 my husband had the garage door open to take out the garbage cans to go to the dump. While he was putting out the cans, apparently our long-time Carolina Wren decided to see what out interior house looked like for when Joe opened the door between the garage and kitchen the Wren flew into our house. He took a tour of all our rooms and ended up sitting on top of a palm tree in our sunroom.
He didn't seem very upset but I opened one of our large windows so it could fly out. He sat on the plant for about 10 minutes watching my dogs go around the sunroom. It finally flew to the back of our sunroom couch, not far from the window. When Joe walked over to the couch, the Wren finally took advantage of the open window and flew out into our back yard.
I've looked for the Wren for the last two days but I haven't seen it come to the feeders. It has been here for about two years and I hope its flight into our house has not scared it into leaving our yard.

Mary Lukaszewski

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