Date: 12/29/19 7:17 am
From: Tom Brown <tshrike19...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] 85th Long Branch CBC
The 85th Long Branch Christmas Bird Count was held yesterday, 12/28/2019.
As of now there were 113 species and 1 count week bird. Here are some
highlights, once all numbers are compiled I’ll supply a more thorough
report. There were two count firsts with Lincoln’s Sparrow and a Henslow’s
Sparrow being added as new species. New Jersey’s run of Ash-throated
flycatcher continued with another found on the count, the 3rd ever (last
was 2011), Northern Saw-whet owl (a good find in a poor flight year),
Cackling Goose, Eurasian Wigeon, orange-crowned warbler, pine warbler, and
a count week eastern Phoebe round out the list of highlights.

Cheers and Happy New Year

Tom Brown

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