Date: 12/28/19 7:35 pm
From: Dani Christensen <dmc860...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Kingbird sp. in Coyote Valley
Good evening, birders!

This afternoon, myself, Laura Coatney, and Rachel Sneed found a
yellow-bellied KINGBIRD SP. On Laguna Ave just east of Dougherty
(37.1966120, -121.7236610) for the Coyote Valley sector of the
Calero-Morgan Hill count. Found at 1:45 p.m., it perched for about ten
minutes as we ruled out Cassin’s and Couch’s, narrowing it down to either
Western or Tropical. The apparent size of bill, calm behavior, and gray
back point to Western. The lack of any white at all on tail feathers and
general brown-gray color (not black) of tail point to Tropical. The outer
tail feathers could simply be worn and may not show, thus it still could be
Western. Picture taken with phone camera thru bins included in the email.
It has a molting feather still hanging on. After watching it perched for 10
minutes, it flew off towards Monterey Rd, where we lost it. We stayed at
the end of Laguna at Monterey for about 20 minutes but could not re-find. I
personally lean towards Western, but none of us were confident enough to
call it, knowing that Tropicals have been spotted in Bay Area. I will be
trying to re-find this bird tomorrow.

Other fun write-up birds included a single juvenile (and limping!) GREATER
WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE and three CACKLING GEESE at the Bailey Ave ponds with a
flock of ~172 CANADA GEESE. We were able to park and bird quite well from
the back of the Gavilan College satellite lot.

Happy Trails!
Dani Christensen
South San Jose

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