Date: 12/27/19 3:46 pm
From: DAVID A LEATHERMAN <daleatherman...>
Subject: [cobirds] TWO Yb Sapsucker males confirmed on 12/27/19, Grandview Cemetery, Ft Collins (Larimer)
As suspected, the fact of two Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, both males, at Grandview Cemetery at the west terminus of Mountain Avenue in Fort Collins was confirmed this afternoon.

Shortly after gyrfalcon/sapsucker seekers Donna and Peter left (sorry, guys), I found what I think is a young male in an ash just south of the Trolley House. The Trolley House is the westernmost building on the south side of Mountain Avenue just e of the cemetery entrance. There is an east-west row of 10 or so Scots Pines that runs from the sw corner of the building w toward the golf course. I think the bird spends a lot of time in those pines and retreats out into deciduous trees on the golf course (between the Trolley House and the softball fields to the south). Today the bird flew out of the pines into the ash, where it stayed motionless in one spot in the upper crown just soaking up the sun.

Earlier I had seen another fellow (Joshua Smith) searching for a sapsucker near the old cemetery office building at the entrance. I drove into the cemetery looking for Joshua to tell him about the bird south of the Trolley House. When we met he told me he had just seen a male midway along the south edge of the cemetery in an elm. Both of our sightings came at about 3pm and confirm the presence of two individuals.

Dave Leatherman
Fort Collins

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