Date: 12/27/19 12:36 pm
From: David and Joy Peters <Trogon1000...>
Subject: [de-birds] Question
Hi, All

I certainly enjoyed watching a very healthy-looking western tanager female feeding on berries by the Bombay Hook visitors’ center. Thanks to all of the good reports that alerted us to this wonderfully “lost” bird.

BUT my question is whether any of you know how to get permission to look for the golden-crowned sparrow in Maryland? It’s not far away and has continued to show, but the only info I can find is that it is on private land with restricted viewing. Maybe I missed something, but if anyone has info on how to respectfully look for this bird, I would be delighted. I do love these vagrants, and Queen Anne’s County is one of our nearest neighbors!

Joy Peters
Dover, DE

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