Date: 12/27/19 7:44 am
From: Barbara Volkle <barb620...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] New Years Resolutions and birds
Thanks to Suzanne Sullivan for this post.

Barbara Volkle
Northborough, MA


From: Suzanne Sullivan <swampy435...>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2019 08:18:23 -0500
Subject: New Years Resolutions and birds

Dear Massbirders,

I am not really big on the 1st half of the subject line, but am pretty
big on the 2nd half. I am writing this today to ask all of you to do
whatever you can to help birds this year. Whether you are a lister
travel for your year birds increasing carbon foot prints, or whether you
are making decisions on what coffee you drink, or yard decisions please
consider birds and make things better not worse. And that would be make
things better for ALL birds, gulls included. Maybe you could work in your
community to plant more trees, to stop the crazy losing war on invasives
and help preserve and create thickets, maybe leash laws on beaches, or
maybe stop using pesticides to kill, whatever please help.
I am pasting two articles below . One is about the Migratory Bird Act and
the consequences of the current political system. I share this article for
hopefully motivation and education purposes in response to a comment made
earlier in a post about the Cape Ann CBC and the lack of gulls and how
that might ensure more shorebirds nesting. Clearly the decline in
shorebirds, all birds for that matter, lies with in the hands of humans not
gulls. This war and negative attitude about gulls needs to stop. It is
rooted in ignorance and perceptions that are false.
In all my years at Sandy Point the impact to nesting birds was human, not
gulls. Gulls are intelligent adaptable animals. They literally have no
where to go any more around here. We have taken their habitat as our own
and complain when they attempt to adapt. They get run over in parking lots
for fun, they are poisoned and shot at landfills, they are chased
relentlessly at beaches by off leash dogs, they are poisoned on islands to
Censure other species survival, and they are unfairly maligned as horrible
in almost every forum, including this one. We have decimated their natural
food supply/fish and some beaches "dispose" of seaweed and shells when
they wash up on shore.
Gulls are awesome parents and live in a complex social structures. They are
super smart, tough as nails, agile, beautiful birds with more personality
than most humans I know. I would rather spend my time in a flock of gulls
than at a meeting in a room of people any day of the week..
So I have also posted another link to a book review on the ABA blog by Amar
Ayyah, a gull lover like me. I have not read this book yet but plan to.
There are actually a lot people out there that love and appreciate gulls
just a much as warblers and piping plovers. If the birding community can
get it then there is little to no hope for the larger contingency.
Happy New Year and Good (responsible) Birding!
Suzanne Sullivan
Wilmington MA

Suzanne M. Sullivan
Wilmington, MA

"The self evident vision of who we are as a free and caring nation, and the
ideal to fulfill this destiny is stronger than the division of those who's
only vision is of themselves. =E2=80=9C SMB

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