Date: 12/22/19 5:43 pm
From: Sandra Keller <000006b65d80f212-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Moorestown CBC - thoughts. And Cumberland!
As I was on the Moorestown CBC, I was getting alerts from Cumberland. The Belleplain count includes some of eastern Cumberland.
Common Eider, Glaucous Gull……. Lesser Black-backed, Sedge wren, 2020 I will be able to get back down there! Owl numbers broke
filters as usual. Cumberland is great for owls.

On to Moorestown - I am the compiler - and we had a great round-up, but still hard to judge things like numbers. Some species down,
others up - some were having trouble counting all the Herring Gulls! We had none in our area - the Rancocas area! Owl numbers I believe
were up - but that also depends on the parties out owling. And perfect owling weather. Calm winds, clear skies. Cold though! I froze…..
And these well below freezing nights had the smaller ponds frozen. Which changed things up. We probably had more duck species, but missed
Great Egret! That’s usually found along the Delaware River somewhere. I am still awaiting 3 area leaders reports - so maybe one will turn up.
I hope so - we are at 95 species at present - a few above our 4 year average. Great! Can we hit 100! I will see when I get all the reports in!
Count week birds - Baltimore Oriole - didn’t cooperate today! And a Dickcissel at a private feeder - I haven’t heard whether the homeowner
saw today. Etc. That would be 2 more.

Highlights - Merlin. One area. Mine. No Kestrels - that’s probably the norm with all the development.
Rough-winged Swallows - 17 - don’t hold me to that figure. Might be 19. The Palmyra area. Nice! Our highest was 5 before that.
And not every year. They winter across the river in Philadelphia. - and wander over here now and then.
Orange- crowned Warblers - 3! From one location. If another area chimes in with one, we will beat our high count for this species.
This species seems to be on the increase on the CBCs. Please check the Camden RBA ebird alert for this location if
anyone interested. I do know that location. Super spot. But rugged.
Catbirds - a couple. I guess that’s good. I bird the bayshore all the time that I lose track what’s the norm up here! No Brown Thrasher.
Friends had one on the Pinelands CBC - which was also today. So they are around.
Eastern Phoebe - they linger, but I was surprised with the cold snap we had. The Pacific-slope fly was not had. That’s been gone
for awhile I believe. That was not had on the Cape May CBC either. Or was it? I forget what I read……
Cackling Goose - is probably around every year, but always hard to track down. Creekview Pond came through.
Ravens - 2 at least. We had 2 last year also. They have expanded and soon will be a regular on this count!
Pileated - is still a possible - I await the report from the birder who did the Rancocas Nature Center area. Although this species gets
quiet now.

Lowlights - no winter finches - well the forecast was correct on that. Barring a report from the 3 areas outstanding…..
Just one or 2 Woodcock - we were all set to maybe smash our high count with the displaying Woodcocks the previous 2 weeks.
And then the cold hit…..

Etc. A great count! For Cumberland and Moorestown! Thank you everyone! I have a lot of record keeping to do - including adjust
Cumberland filters. Nice to see small location reports - and the filters will reflect the numbers if small areas! I have work to do….

Good birding all. And happy holidays!

Sandra Keller

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