Date: 12/22/19 7:38 am
From: Joshua Holland <jhollandua...>
Subject: Point Pleasant CBC Results
Yesterday thirteen birders helped with the first CBC in Point Pleasant in
over forty years. Point Pleasant doesn't have many (if any) birders, so I
appreciate the folks that traveled from Marietta, OH, Teays Valley, and the
Huntington area to participate. The weather was great for birding.
Temperatures were just below freezing before daylight and rose into the
50's by mid-day as the overcast skies gave way to the sun. Smaller ponds
across the count circle were universally iced-over. Unfortunately the only
open water available for waterfowl were the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers, a
small portion of Krodel Lake, and the Gallipolis Ferry Sandpit.

Notable Stats
-Total Species: 81 Total (75 + 6 cw)
-Total Unique Birds: 6,722
-Total Hours Birded: 52
-Total Miles Traveled: 262.75 by vehicle, 12.45 by foot
-Total Participants: 13 (2 feeder watchers)
-Total Groups: 7
-Total Owling Effort: 3 Species/9 total; 3.75 hrs over 20 miles

Notable Birds: Merlin, Greater White-fronted Goose, Gray Catbird, Cackling
Goose (cw), Brown Thrasher, 3 Peregrine Falcon

Josh Holland
Huntington, WV
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