Date: 12/3/19 8:18 am
From: John Andrews <jandrews166...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Bird-friendly coffee?
I buy my bird-friendly coffee from Dean's Beans, a roaster in Orange,
Massachusetts. They have one blend they call "Birdwatcher's Blend". See .

Deans Beans also supports economic justice for the communities that grow
their beans. According to their website:

"All of our fine whole bean specialty coffees are certified organic
<>, fair trade
<>, and kosher
<>, and are roasted in small
batches at our beanery in Orange, MA. We know that the planting, care,
harvesting and processing of the beans is done in conformity with
international standards for the health of the farmer and their environment,
as well as the high quality of the bean. The vast use of pesticides in
coffee production has serious impact on the ecology of the coffee-growing
world and the health of farm communities. Our commitment to only purchase shade
grown <> coffees supports healthy
environments for coffee growers and protects critical migratory bird
habitat. It is important to us that the quality of our coffees includes
respect for the quality of life of our southern partners in the coffee

On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 3:34 PM Stuart Walker <stuarttwalker...>

> With the permission of the moderator, I would like to know if people can
> recommend good (decaf, preferably) bird-friendly coffee that I could find
> at relatively normal stores, like Whole Foods or Wegman’s, or even more
> mainstream outlets.
> I find that many of the brands I look at say “organic”, but few seem to
> say “shade grown”, which I associate with bird-friendly environments, or
> Arabica. None specifically say “bird-friendly”.
> I would prefer not to order coffee by mail, but I will if necessary.
> Thanks for any suggestions!
> Stuart Walker
> Jamaica Plain
> <stuarttwalker...>

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