Date: 12/3/19 8:16 am
From: Lynette Leka <lynetteleka...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Bird-friendly coffee?
be careful about the term "shade grown" - the industrial coffee growers can strip out tropical forest, leaving just a few spindly trees spaced far apart, and still call it "shade grown"

the same caution for the term "sustainable" - with enough water, fertilizer, and pesticides applied, any cropping practice can be considered "sustainable"

(by)..."not noticing birds in one's daily environment, one misses a whole segment of life on earth that can deliver joy every day." Bruce M. Beehler, 2019

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On Monday, December 2, 2019, 3:26:03 PM EST, Stuart Walker <stuarttwalker...> wrote:

With the permission of the moderator, I would like to know if people can recommend good (decaf, preferably) bird-friendly coffee that I could find at relatively normal stores, like Whole Foods or Wegman’s, or even more mainstream outlets.  
I find that many of the brands I look at say “organic”, but few seem to say “shade grown”, which I associate with bird-friendly environments, or Arabica.  None specifically say “bird-friendly”.  
I would prefer not to order coffee by mail, but I will if necessary.  Thanks for any suggestions!
Stuart WalkerJamaica <Plainstuarttwalker...> 
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