Date: 12/2/19 9:05 pm
From: <cgates326...>
Subject: [obol] My dark Roughy has morphed
I was afraid this would happen. Tom Crabtree suspected the dark
Rough-legged Hawk posted earlier today (by me) was actually a dark phase
Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk. Tom sent my photos to Brian Sullivan (Crossley
Raptor ID Guide) and Brian identified it as a Harlan's. Tom's thoughts
were, "To me the tail doesn't look right for Roughie and the white flecking
on the breast also seems to point to Harlan's." Poor pitch by Gates but a
good catch by Crabtree. I added more photos to the eBird report at

To me, Harlan's Hawk is the most befuddling of all North American Buteos.
I've misidentified two of them in the last couple of weeks. You'd think I
would learn by now.

Chuck Gates
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