Date: 12/2/19 4:42 pm
From: Ray Brown <ray...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Bird-friendly coffee?
Yes, MFB is correct. Shade-grown coffee is not just organic -- it's grown
under the natural forest canopy that provides important shelter for birds
(and other creatures, as well). This is not necessarily the case with all
organically grown coffee.

On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 7:30 PM MFB <badgerm...> wrote:

> Alas, no. Organic coffee is not the same as shade-grown bird-friendly
> coffee.
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> On Dec 2, 2019, at 6:59 PM, Cynthia Berkowitz <cynthberk...> wrote:
> As one who has been involved in selling organic, fair trade coffee, my
> understanding is that organic coffee and organic chocolate are shade grown
> by definition.
> Cynthia Berkowitz
> Newton
> On Mon, Dec 2, 2019, 3:34 PM Stuart Walker <stuarttwalker...>
> wrote:
>> With the permission of the moderator, I would like to know if people can
>> recommend good (decaf, preferably) bird-friendly coffee that I could find
>> at relatively normal stores, like Whole Foods or Wegman’s, or even more
>> mainstream outlets.
>> I find that many of the brands I look at say “organic”, but few seem to
>> say “shade grown”, which I associate with bird-friendly environments, or
>> Arabica. None specifically say “bird-friendly”.
>> I would prefer not to order coffee by mail, but I will if necessary.
>> Thanks for any suggestions!
>> Stuart Walker
>> Jamaica Plain
>> <stuarttwalker...>

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