Date: 12/2/19 4:43 pm
From: Jon Barnett <jrb4jc...>
Subject: Re: [IBLE] continuing Ovenbird in Boise
Yes, thank you Cliff etc! I never could log in successfully to Yahoo Groups, but Iím all set up now in this new scenario! And thank you Jay & Heidi for hosting such a wonderful bird, keeping it fed, and keeping everyone in the loop. I was so very happy that it didnít go away before I finally saw it on my 3rd attempt. Happy Holidays everyone! Best, Jonathan, Horseshoe Bend

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Subject: [IBLE] continuing Ovenbird in Boise

Echoing thoughts of others, thanks very much Cliff & others for rescuing IBLE :-) Despite double-checking my Yahoo! settings, I haven't had access for many months so I'm glad to be connected again!

The Ovenbird that Heidi first noticed on Halloween continues to visit our yard on a daily basis (I think we've missed seeing it on a few days in Nov but mostly on days with little effort looking out the window). With the wet snow/wintry conditions, I was starting to worry a bit today but at 2pm sharp it was feeding on mealworms in the "normal spot" under the rosemary bush near the front door. If you've yet to see this bird & want to, you're welcome to try - you can check eBird (i.e.,<>) for location info but I suggest parking near the fire hydrant & street sign at the corner of Bitteroot and Lawrence and viewing from your car towards the cinder blocks that separate the lawn from where the rosemary and other small shrubs are. If any neighbors (or our friendly mailman :-) look at you funny or talk with you, please do let them know you're there with our permission. Hard to predict when it'll appear - seemingly random and at all hours of the day - but most often we've noticed it in the first hour after sunrise and in the ~345-445pm time frame. Sometimes it comes solo, other times with a small horde of juncos. If your high range hearing is still in good shape, keep your window down and listen for a high-pitched and sweet "seep" note that we've heard on many occasions.

And, if you haven't already, please eBird<> your sightings!



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