Date: 12/2/19 12:42 pm
From: Richard Gregg <greggra...>
Subject: Fwd: Birds of Note: Bald Eagles
For anyone interested, the following checklist was changed to (2) Red-shouldered Hawks, (1-ad., 1-imm).
The accipiter was not changed since I erroneously combined two bird species into one. The photo was of an immature Red-shouldered Hawk, not the accipiter.

Rick Gregg
Kanawha County

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> From: Richard Gregg <greggra...>
> Subject: Birds of Note: Bald Eagles
> Date: December 1, 2019 at 11:46:20 PM EST
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> Birds of Note:
> 10:12 a.m., Sunday, December 1, 2019.
> Marmet Locks.
> Bald Eagle (2-adults).
> Red-tailed Hawk (1-adult).
> Red-shouldered Hawk (1-adult).
> Accipiter? (1-immature).
> If you know hawks, please check out the “accipiter” photos on the checklist. I think I may have been photographing one hawk when it disappeared out of the viewfinder and a different one flew from the same area. The second one was definitely a long tailed accipiter with either white flanks or a white rump. I couldn’t be sure. Anyway, I “assumed” both sightings were the same bird so labeled the bird in the photos as an accipiter. I can’t really tell the tail length from the photos.
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> Rick Gregg
> Kanawha Co.
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