Date: 12/2/19 11:08 am
From: Matthew G Hunter <matthewghunter...>
Subject: [Umpqua Birds] Re: Blue Jay
Good question Nancy. The reason I say "real" Blue Jay, is that people often
call our local jays "blue jays," but we typically only have California
Scrub-Jays (formerly called Western Scrub-Jay) and Steller's Jays. The bird
"officially" called Blue Jay occurs mostly east of the Rocky Mountains and
looks quite a bit different.


On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 10:53 AM Nancy Guth <homesteaders...> wrote:

> I hope someone will help educate me…I grew up in the East Bay in
> California with plenty of Scrub Jays, there are two Stella Jays raiding the
> suet feeders as I type (1500’ near Milo), but what is a real Blue Jay?
> Thanks for taking the time to inform! I don’t participate too much here or
> on FB, but I do follow the conversations and love what people have to
> share. I have learned a lot about local birds from all of you.
> Nancy Guth
> > On Dec 2, 2019, at 10:40 AM, Matthew G Hunter <matthewghunter...>
> wrote:
> >
> > Yes, a real Blue Jay, ... is coming to a feeder out Lookingglass Road
> area from Roseburg. The homeowner contacted me and I saw the bird this
> morning. They don't want mobs wandering the area, but if you'd like to go
> see the bird, email me and I'll pass on the contact information for the
> homeowner and you can make an appointment to go visit.
> >
> > Too bad it's a little outside the CBC circle. :-)
> >
> > Matt Hunter
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