Date: 12/2/19 9:56 am
From: <rbowes...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] 11/30 1st year King Eider at Duxbury town pier - pix''
Returning from a couple of hours birding on Duxbury Beach, I stopped to
check the Town Pier (Mattakeeset Court). Occasionally one may get close
looks at waterfowl, loons, grebes, gulls, terns and once in a long, long
while an alcid. At high tide they can drift in very close to the parking
lot. A first year male King Eider was in company of 2 juvenile Common
Eiders viewable from town pier. Photos with ebird posting at:
<> Hard to believe this drab youth will
become such a strikingly beautiful adult!

A King Eider is very uncommon in upper Duxbury Bay though almost every year
one or two will show up off Duxbury Beach or off Gurnet point. It was
mostly dozing and drifting between 2:00-2:15pm (high tide was 1:41pm @ 11.0
ft). Waters were quiet in pier area though choppy out in Bay. Because
waters become so shallow at low tide (0.6 ft on 30th) as tides ebb, birds
usually leave the immediate pier area, and transients typically don't
return. I've not seen it again.

Rick Bowes, Duxbury, MA

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