Date: 12/2/19 6:01 am
From: Derek C. Richardson <dcr...>
Subject: [MDBirding] binocular advice for birding course?

Hi everyone,

I have the good fortune to be teaching a course on birdwatching for Honors
students at the University of Maryland next semester. Instead of a
textbook, the main expense for the students will be binoculars (everyone
will need binoculars!). As a result, for those students who will need to
purchase, I'm looking for a good option that does not cost much more than
a typical textbook, so, less than $150.

So far I have found 3 options:

celestron nature dx 8x42 (Amazon $140 on sale for $109)

nikon action extreme 7x35 atb (Amazon $127)

Nikon Prostaff 3S 8x42 (Amazon $117)

Does anyone have any experience with these, or can offer alternatives?
I've tried the Nikon Action Extreme -- they're rugged and the image is
very good, but they're a bit bulky and the focus knob (on the one I tried)
is stiff. I've not tried the others. The idea is to give the students
some options to choose from, since often "good" is a matter of personal
taste (but they need *something* to go on...).

(Disclosure: some of these came from an Audubon review but inconsistencies in the
information there made me a bit cautious; unforuntately the nice Cornell
Lab reviews are a bit dated now -- 2013.)

Also, any suggestions for birders starting out are welcome. I've been
compiling a list. :)



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