Date: 12/2/19 5:52 am
From: Ralph Palmer <palmer.r.violin...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Help with Sparrow ID - replies
I've already had three responses, all Song Sparrow. That was one of my
choices. The other possibility I was having trouble ruling out on my own
was a first winter White-throated Sparrow. One of my photos, which I didn't
actually share, seemed to have a hint of a yellow supraloral. The
streaking, however, on my bird is really much more well-defined. I did not,
however, see any convergence of the streaks into a central spot.

Thanks to each of you who responded to my request for help!

Hope everyone can make it out through the snow.

All the best,


Ralph Palmer
Brattleboro, VT
(he, him, his)
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