Date: 12/1/19 6:24 pm
From: Tim Gannon <timberwolf69...>
Subject: [obol] Great father/son day
Son came down for the weekend and we decided to head to North Bend to look for birds. The bay wasn't real busy but there was a good dozen Goldeneye's, the most I've seen at once there.

We headed up Kentuck to see what ducks and were hanging out at the old golf course. A few dozen ducks and a few Greater Yellowlegs were feeding. I spotted a duck coming in and he said "That's flying like a Gad which shouldn't be here right now." Drove around the corner after it landed and there he was, a big ol' Gadwall drake feeding with some Greenwing's and some Mallards.

Farther up I took him up to see if we could spot the Red-shouldered I've spotted a few times up there. Well we got a real nice surprise, a pair! After not seeing any going up the valley we turned around and he spotted the first one on a fence post behind a barn. It stayed long enough for a few shots. It flew off to a tree close by we couldn't get good pics so we moved on. 200 yards down the road another one was on a power line. That one didn't seem mind us there at all. We thought it was a different bird because it looked a bit smaller and redder head where the other was more grey. The pics confirmed it. The real funny thing was was when we were taking pics of the second RS a Black Phoebe landed on the other end of the power going to the barn. Even though there wasn't a ton of birds we still considered it a great day birding. Good company helps too. Small album below.

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