Date: 12/1/19 10:04 am
From: David Vick <or.naturalist...>
Subject: [obol] Re: those watchful eyes
I had many helpful responses to my post in October reminding folks to bring
in their hummingbird feeders here on the chilly east side.
Elise Wolf informed our COBOL community that sugar solutions nearing 40
degrees will cause hummers to go into torpor which decreases their
available time for feeding. Kevin Smith recommend Hummers Heated Delight
which I found to be the least expensive and hassle free way to keep these
little guys going. The company was started by an Oregon couple and their
son continues to keep it going. I highly recommend it and my overwintering
Anna's endorse it as well.

David Vick

On Sat, Nov 30, 2019 at 7:57 AM <t4c1x...> wrote:

> Three of four Anna's Hummingbirds are wintering at our place on Thornton
> Creek (Lincoln). These past few days I have been bringing my feeders in at
> night to keep them from freezing. Often, as I am hanging them out again in
> the morning, the hummers come to sip from them before I have finished
> attaching the hook to the chain.
> Darrel

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