Date: 11/29/19 9:53 am
From: Olin Allen <olinallen...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Hawk ID help
I believe this is a juvenile red-tail, not red-shoulder. As for primary
projection, it falls several inches short (i.e. very noticeably short) in
red-shoulders, and just a little short in red-tails, as is the case with
this bird. Although we don't have a clear view of the ventral side of this
bird, it appears to have a clear upper breast and throat, which you would
never see in a red-shoulder. Also, the markings on the lower breast and
belly are diamond- or chevron-shaped as in red-tails, not more
teardrop-shaped as in red-shoulders. In addition, the dark bands on the
tail of this bird are much narrower than the light bands, as with red-tails.
In juvenile red-shoulders it's the reverse, or at least the bands are of
equal width. Finally, there is far too much white on the upper surface of
this bird in the scapulars, and far too little patterning in the face, for
it to be a red-shoulder.



Olin Allen

Shangri-Llama Farm

Monmouth, Oregon

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