Date: 11/28/19 1:57 pm
From: Steve Long <steve.long4...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Bird House Tenants?
When I cleaned my bird houses last fall, there were mainly sticks and
grasses, sometimes layers of sticks and grasses, which seemed to
correspond with Bluebirds and Tree Swallows that I observed using the
boxes during that spring and summer.  (Except for one house, which had
some moss on top that indicated a Chickadee, although I never saw a
Chickadee enter or leave.)

This past summer, I saw what I thought was the same mixture of Bluebirds
and Tree Swallows using the houses.  But, when I cleaned them this fall,
three of them had been filled about half full with pine needles, and the
other was mostly empty except for a little moss.  The one with the moss
this year was not the one that had the moss on top of sticks and grass
last year.  One of the houses filled with pine needles also had some
large feathers on top - much too large to be from a bird that could fit
through the entrance hole.

So, I am somewhat confused about which species were actually nesting in
the houses this past nesting season.  Hoping that somebody on this list
can tell me what was using these houses.

Steve Long, Oxford

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