Date: 11/28/19 9:04 am
From: <whoffman...>
Subject: [obol] Mandarin Ducks (no new sightings reported)
Hi -

This morning when I scanned the ebird notable bird sightings posted by Treesa (thank you again) the Mandarin Duck sightings caught my eye. I think we have had sightings from multiple places in Western Oregon this fall, and that most sightings in the past few years have been of birds that were first noticed in the fall. This suggests to me that a feral population may be developing somewhere in the west (NW Washington? Vancouver I.? coastal mainland BC?). Wild Mandarins are migratory, but with relatively short migrations in Asia (maximum 25 degrees latitude, with most birds migrating more like 10-15 degrees).

I heard rumors a few years ago of possibly some feral breeding in northern California as well.

Anyway, I am not suggesting that they should be considered established at this point, but it might be worth thinking of them as potential future additions to the state list, and good documentation of their future population growth (if that happens) would be valuable.


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