Date: 11/26/19 6:44 am
From: LARRY ARNOLD <larnold47...> [ible] <ible-noreply...>
Subject: [IBLE] Re: Possible Goshawk [1 Attachment]

ja baby, my true confession as well, stink at hawk ID unless they talk to me and/or where a name tag, must have Missy along!!

gobble gobble backatcha and * thankful * you're on IBLE, eh? =)

From: "Kim Liebich" <birdkimliebich...>
To: "IBLE" <ible...>, "Larry Arnold" <larnold47...>
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2019 7:08:43 AM
Subject: Possible Goshawk

Hello IBLE folks -

For the record…I stink at hawk ID, there you have it, however someone posted THIS to next-door Monday, Nov 25, from Colombia Village and then bantered around about what it was. If it’s a goshawk I thought some of you might be interested, LARRY.

=)Kim Liebich
SE Boise

Ps - to be honest I’m not so good w/ other IDs either… but happy to practice. Thankful for you peeps. Gobble Gobble.

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