Date: 11/24/19 10:07 pm
From: Craig Tumer <craig...>
Subject: [obol] Coastal Lincoln County Today (11/24/19)
I birded the Lincoln County coast today. I left Portland early with the
goal of starting a seawatch at Boiler Bay soon after sunrise. I got to
Boiler Bay at approximately 7:30, and it was completely socked in with
dense fog, forcing me to adjust my plans. So, I birded the Newport
area and made my way back to Boiler Bay mid-afternoon. Dense fog stuck
around until about noon, making birding difficult, but I ended up
having a good day despite the unfavorable viewing conditions.
Highlights included the continuing flock of Snows Buntings (I counted
24 in a flock flying north across the beach), a Lapland Longspur, and
a close-in Rhinoceros Auklet at the north jetty ; and four Marbled
Godwits at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. I easily found eight
male Eurasian Wigeons among more than 1500 American Wigeons at the LNG
tanks and HMSC, but there were probably many more because I didn't
take the time to scrutinize the female wigeons to try to pick out
female Eurasians. During a 50-minute seawatch at Boiler Bay
mid-afternoon, I saw a Pink-footed Shearwater, a Black-legged
Kittiwake, and a steady stream of southbound Pacific Loons, among
other birds. Craig TumerPortland POST: Send your post to
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