Date: 11/24/19 7:02 pm
From: Jack Daynes <jackdaynes...>
Subject: [obol] As a way of saying "Thanks"
As I began my series on Birding Destinations I was mostly focused on places
away from my home turf. It occurred to me it might be a disservice to
birders who’ve helped me in connecting to places near and dear to them
during my travels. Nature lovers not from my area, who might be interested
in places to visit in the San Diego region might enjoy learning of some
places in my own backyard. I resolve to correct this oversight with these,
my first in a series about locations where I’ve enjoyed capturing images in
Southern California.

So far I have four locations to share, but there are many more I plan to
write about in the days ahead. This will be the “onlyest” announcement I
expect to post on this listserv, but if anyone is planning a trip to the
San Diego area, I would hope you would check in on on my web page for ideas
about locations that you may find interesting. The gallery maps should be
useful in showing where these locations are. The four locations I’ve
prepared so far are:

Be well,
-- Jack --
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