Date: 11/24/19 4:18 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Curry Empid 11/24/19
Terry Wahl called and said the empid that showed up a few weeks ago on the
family ranch near Cape Blanco is still around. He took video and said he
thinks it may be a Western but would like some feedback. If he can ever get
it downloaded and sent off I will share.

Last year a Dusky Fly overwintered there but it had a broken upper mandible
and this bird has no apparent damage to either mandible I guess. Weird he
has a late empid at the barn two years straight?!

He said he hasn’t seen the Tropical Kingbirds in a few days biut they could
still be out there somewhere?

The two Coos Tropical Ks are still here today- we’ll see if the cold
weather has an effect on their continued presence. We had our first CBC
kingbird on the CV count last year in January so we shall see?

Happy Thanksgiving week!
Tim R
Coos Bay

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